Krista Shiner, Lead Artist and Owner of Shiner Studios

Welcome! Bienvenidos!

As a visual artist also working in the decorative arts there are three different industries, or worlds if you will, that weave together.

The Fine Arts- this is where I started and continue to create artwork within the concepts of my own collection versus commissioned work.

The Design World- I bring forth my artistic skill sets into the decorative arts where I collaborate with various types designers. We work together to determine what is the best solution for their client- aesthetically, innovative, and environmentally appropriate with mindfully selected materials for numerous surfaces and types of commissioned installations.

The Construction Industry- the intertwining experiential knowledge of all three where I am able to work alongside and in collaboration with a multitude of trades / artisans, architects, builders, etc. This ranges from new build construction to renovation in both commercial and residential settings.

This vast amount of experience in all three areas for over 16 years in combination with material specific training, a lifetime in the arts, a Bachelors degree of Fine Art with an emphasis in painting, offers existing and potential clients a contact that has the ability to understand the numerous variables present to result in a successful project.

As many may know me by my name, it only made sense to have it as the umbrella for Shiner Studios. In addition, as I began as a visual artist (painter primarily) prior to entering into the decorative arts and continue to work on new artwork I felt it was necessary to have a separate site for my artwork under However, we are living amongst an ever changing landscape of artists of numerous disciplines whereby their artistic skill sets branch into “useful” objects and installations so that we all as artists can continue using the gifts we have been given to their fullest potential while earning an income.

Krista Shiner – Integrating the Arts from Elucidation Media on Vimeo.

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