About Krista Shiner

The Intersection of Art, Design, & the Natural World

A resident of Denver for more than two decades, Krista brings her Upper Peninsula of Michigan upbringing to bear in the deep connection she maintains with nature and natural elements. This connection serves as the endless inspiration for her life’s work. In the visual sense as her artwork represents elements of nature, her selection of materials, and her overall personal way of being. The term biophilic design defines the breadth of her passions in artistic creation and overall functionality in our daily lives. A reminder that we are nature and its cross cultural medicinal qualities. This connection to nature and natural elements expands into materials and processes. Continual research and development considering the environmental and health implications ignites the need to continually develop processes working with sustainable and non-hazardous materials. She’s thinking green.

With nearly 20 years of hands-on experience in the Decorative Arts, Decorative Concrete, and Commercial Design, along with classic training in studio arts, plus immersive apprenticeships and cultural exchanges, Krista is able to transform spaces in numerous capacities. She often collaborates with designers, interdisciplinary artists, design build firms, architects, and builders. These partnerships have allowed her the opportunity to work with private and corporate clients that include homeowners, luxury real estate developers, and commercial entities such as restaurants and businesses in Denver and beyond. Under her first company Diseño, some of her projects included a commissioned painting, color consult, and finish collaboration with Design Lines for a private residence in Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii and completing the decorative paint finished ceilings and walls at Elway’s – Ritz Carlton in Denver where she worked with Mortenson Construction and Stellar Painting. As Shiner Studios she has completed commissioned artwork for a residence in Cozumel, México, a residence in Lonetree, CO, an east meets west Dr.’s office in Wisconsin, and a piece of artwork for Urban Sanctuary in Denver. Other collaborative projects include the renovation of the sculpture at the Pepsi Center in the round-about with Visually Inclined, a billboard for a local medical dispensary, and a large collaborative mural in Colorado subcontracting to a design firm in California. She was hired for her faux stone skills by a local artist in her network for a project in Dallas, TX among other assistance on projects.  A local surfacing company recruited her to patina steel panels for a business at Denver International Airport. She balanced the variety of work she creates with several pieces of art sold at TOWN studio in the Denver Design Center while her work was shown there on consignment. It allowed visitors, collectors, and designers to visualize artwork in homes or businesses alongside beautiful hand-selected furnishings and other works of art. Aside from the above, she has worked on projects out of state for private residences with other artists and designers of Denver for their projects in Mercer Island, WA,  and other parts of Colorado that included  plasters and decorative concrete. She’s been a member of a cooperative gallery, understanding what goes into creating and running a gallery, and has donated multiple paintings for auctions to support various causes in Colorado.

Krista seeks to integrate her philanthropic passions with her work in the arts on multiple levels. Utilizing eco-conscious materials and practices, donating percentages of sales for community organizations, plants trees, clean and protect the oceans, save endangered animals, support clean energy, support human beings, and more. With her tagline being “The Art of Healing With Art,” she believes spaces can transform and connect us in many different ways and that imagination can bring change to this world in creating a new way to live. More specifically with the many facets of the general term of biophilic design and our need as humans to have our environment be and resemble plant life, flowers, and all the elements of nature that instinctively bring us ease. A colorful room, a fun space to get lost in, an educational, thought-provoking mural, or a calming space can be the highlight of someone’s day – not to mention the possibilities of digital collaboration in video, film and music.

Early Inspiration

Krista Shiner has been exploring forms of artistic expression since early childhood. Her interests and abilities range from drawing, painting, dance, design and music to metals and metal patinas, language, music, writing, clay, jewelry, fashion and gardening. While her passion for creation and appreciation spans numerous art forms, mediums, materials and the sciences, she is also deeply committed to building a sustainable livelihood that benefits all collectively and individually.

Future Plans

In addition to her work at Shiner Studios, Krista continues creating art and is planning new collections to unveil in the spring of 2019. Simultaneously she will be working in Architectural Decorative Concrete and Decorative Painting with the intention of being involved in more innovative and challenging projects. She has been exploring other materials to incorporate on the back end in exploring her connection to nature and natural elements. Since 2012 she has worked on those hopes to integrate those components in 2020 and beyond. She continues to educate herself and practice simplifying a complex business acumen with quality, professional, fun artists and visionaries of all kinds to create something unique for various environments and genres of people.

To recharge and fuel her inspiration for creating art, Krista enjoys exploring the city and mountains, soaking up beautiful Colorado on hikes and adventures with her dog, she loves live music and dancing, spending time with friends and family, yoga, traveling, cooking, gardening, biking, camping, volunteering, and a whole lot more. She’s never bored!