Krista Shiner, owner and operator of Shiner Studios, LLC, was employed by us to do some work on our back patio. From the outset she inspired our confidence with her professionalism as well as her vision. We had done quite a bit to transform our back patio area within a certain color palette, but our concrete was a sickening pink we had inherited when we bought the house. Krista was able to show us several samples of ways she could recolor the concrete, not just as solid color but by working with various techniques to vary the color, using multiple tones to give our concrete an old feel. She also had a good color sense and was able to work with us to find the right shades to blend with what we had already done. She finished the work off with personalized artistic touches. The end result was that she completed the transformation we had started. We could not be happier with the end result! I should also add that Krista and her team are personable and pleasant to deal with, punctual and extremely neat. All in all our experience couldn’t have been better. 9.2013

Krista- You did a magnificent job on all you touched. We truly appreciate your artistry and patience- Thank you! Thank you!

R & L, Parker, CO 6.3.2013


What a pleasure it is to work with you, Krista! You are a wonderful combination of artist, scientist and business woman. I appreciate all of those aspects of you whenever we discuss a client’s project, because all three of those attributes are so necessary to the successful completion of each job. You are very creative and know how to use and combine your materials to make the results wonderful. And your business acumen keeps you grounded on what is realistic to complete the project. I always look forward to our interactions. Keep up the great work!

A La Carte Design, Greenwood Village, CO


As a healer I often look for art that captures the spirit and brings healing energy through. Setting my healing space and my house with conscious spiritual flowing energy is important for my Shamanic and daily spiritual practice. Finding such artwork can be a challenge. Krista created two pieces for me using her own intuition and gifted skills that really captured the essence of the flow of spirit through our daily learning and growth. The pieces embody the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspecs of the work that I do and come to life, changing and shifting as the energy moves through it. I can feel the the energy move and it brings an aspect of healing energy that wasn’t there before. Krista is truly gifted and I am so grateful for her artwork. I know that if I want a piece made that it will be made with integrity, intuition and be truly unique for its intended purpose.

-Reverend Katherine Ganev, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Ki of G Healing.


Krista is an amazing and truly unique artist. Her work ethic and approach to all her projects defines her as a dynamic creative entity that immerses herself totally in all of her work-the results are beauty that we are all privileged to enjoy.

C.P. Creative Director SDI Charlotte, NC


In 2010 Krista painted us a triptych to put in our home in Cozumel, Mexico. It is beautiful with flowers from that region and makes the room come alive. We have been very pleased with her work and her dedication.

Thank You!!!!!! J & V V., Mead, CO


Krista Shiner is an awe inspiring artist who has the ability to express her unique style while still meeting the best hopes of her clients. She is something of a customized artist in residence. Her unique techniques and styles evolve, almost as if her art is alive, and the perspective surrounding the finished product or piece is very personalized. Krista Shiner has completed bathroom surfaces as well as customized art for my homes, and the feeling her creations give to any space is both breathtaking and inspiring. I am grateful to have her work in my presence, harmonizing my space, and there is no doubt I will commission her again!

A.M., Golden, CO


We were updating our kitchen and weren’t sure what to do with outdated cabinets. Krista made wonderful suggestion about painting old cabinets and glazing them. She helped us chose colors that would give our kitchen a fresh look. She was very professional and the job was completed on time. We have been thrilled with the outcome and Krista returned to make suggestions for color through out the house. Krista suggested many ideas and helped us choose the ones that worked best for us. I would highly recommend her services.
HR, Greenwood Village


I have used Krista’s expertise as a color specialist to help me pick paints for multiple house remodels and even my own home. I would recommend her as an expert color specialist keeping up with all the current trends and classic styles.

Paul K., Denver, CO


My bedroom faux painted by Krista Shiner is a marvelous experience to spend time in. It’s done in shades of rose and burgundy that I chose, but Krista, the artist, added gold to some of the glaze and sections, providing constantly changing effects according to the amount of sunlight or lack of sunlight the walls are reflecting. My personal favorite is during the evening and the peacefulness and tranquility of this room appeals to men as much as to women. I sleep and sleep in this room! Thank you, Krista. The job you did for me is perfect.

Bette A., Littleton, CO


Dear Krista,

I truly want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your artistic talents, dedication and commitment that brought to painting Kaila’s room. Your dynamic vision created as the end result that Kaila and I are so proud of. I was always impressed by your professionalism and your positive personality. We thank you greatly.

Fondly, Melinda D., Castle Rock, CO


Re: Ritz-Carlton Denver, Elway’s Restaurant

Dear Ms. Shiner,

We just wanted to inform you that the Architect and client are thoroughly impressed with the quality of your work. The Architect noted that they did not realize that the walls were paint until they placed their hands on them. They were convinced that the walls were covered with leather, which was the exact look they were looking for.

Once again, I am pleased to say that your work is outstanding and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Congratulations on a job well done.


Chris K.

Project Manager

Mortenson Construction