Getting to know Shiner Studios and Decorative Concrete

Shiner Studios LLC is a small Artistic Services Company based in Denver, CO. Though I may house a smaller company, my people and I can deliver high quality finishes and customer service to boot. I may even make you laugh..who doesn’t like a good laugh? Over the years I have connected with many local artisans and strive to reconnect, connect, and collaborate. I want to explore and create some really cool installations with you! With 16 years experience in the Decorative Arts, a lifetime of Artistic Exploration and Education, and a burning passion and desire to transform spaces to bring BEAUTY to the world, I feel I am a good candidate. I am ready to unleash my full artistic potential. Can you help? I enjoy collaborating with designers, architects, builders, artists of multiple disciplines, as well as residential and commercial clients to bring our skill sets together for a truly beautiful space. 

2016 Has been kicked to the curb for many, however here at Shiner Studios, I believe those professional and personal challenges  have made me stronger and more apt at the services I / we provide. September 2016 marked my 10 year anniversary! It has been an interesting journey balancing and nurturing my Artistic nature with business acumen, the design world, science, construction, and well starting a company not long before we all suffered a recession. Denver is happening and I’m grateful to be here and in business. 2016 began with a new clarity in the redevelopment of my business, services offered, and strategies to make the process for my clients and I as smooth and efficient as possible.

So what else was I working on in 2016? I was honored to be part of a new build, large, contemporary residence with Lucid Studio – a Design Build Firm located in Wheat Ridge, CO. We collaborated with their client to offer exterior and interior integrated colored concrete walls, coloration for the concrete floors throughout, as well as a venetian plaster finish. The experience with this project highlights the capabilities I have while simultaneously building a great working relationship with their team.

What is Decorative Concrete? Well, Concrete has become a hot surface over the years and what many don’t know is there are numerous concrete formulations suited for specific applications. It’s like a whole other canvas for me and allows me to pull in my background in clay which is probably why I’ve become so fond of it. I personally love the versatility of the various forms of concrete and use them in innovative ways for clients seeking something different. Whether it be a fireplace renovation, a floor, counter top, or creating a design or mural on the surface. I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve that I can’t wait to unleash! With 10 years experience in this area I feel I have been a little ahead of the times and it’s only a matter of time that I will have the opportunity to truly showcase my artistic skill sets as a painter in conjunction with concrete, design, and redefine the decorative arts in a sense. My plans for 2017 is to create a new series of artwork that embodies the gift I have been given in this life.. To bring beauty and viewer introspection that has the potential to heal.. even if for a moment. The Art of Healing with Art.. Nature in all its complexities  drives the abstract expressionistic feel of my artwork. After all, Nature and Art in its many forms are the best healers. Check out how we can make that happen for you. I’d love to hear from you!

Kind regards,