20111212_0439Fine Art

Artist and Owner Krista Shiner continues to create paintings for sale and is working on a new collection to unveil by fall of 2017. She has had her artwork on display and consignment with TOWN Studio in the Denver Design Center, was a member of Edge Gallery in the Denver Highlands, and has had other exhibitions over the years. Some of these exhibitions were to support Non-Profit Organizations with the proceeds of sold works given to the organization and their mission.

Her passion for creating is fueled by her great love of nature in all its capacities. She strives to bring awareness of the effects of design as a form of healing oneʼs environment, and therefore themselves, with the creation of healing spaces, hence the tagline “The Art of Healing with Art”. Her own innate empathic nature allows her to truly connect with her clients and be of service in her clients’ transformation. This may not be with every project or client however her genuine sense of compassion is then transferred energetically in each painting. Again furthering her artistic concept of healing with Art.

Artist Statement: Note from Krista… ” I strive to be the change I wish to see in this world.

Krista Shiner – Painting from Elucidation Media on Vimeo.


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