img_20130316_182224Shiner Studios

Shiner Studios LLC offers custom finishing solutions of interior and exterior spaces for homes and businesses in Denver, CO and abroad. Specializing in creative renovations and restorations for commercial and residential clients seeking eco-friendly design alternatives.

“Shiner Studios’ mission is to redefine the realm of art and the decorative applied arts by providing exceptional finishes that create appealing spaces with mindful compositional harmony to transcend the spirit and go beyond the frequented term of “faux finishing.” 

Artist and owner Krista Shiner refers to her projects as large scale “surface installations” lending the “canvas” to become nearly any surface, differentiating her and her team of artists in the realm of decorative painting and faux finishing. A forefront of Shiner Studios’, and how the company came to be, is Krista’s artwork. Her paintings can either be purchased from inventory or commissioned based on a client’s needs and wants. With the premise of fine art and more than 11 years in the decorative arts, decorative concrete floors, decorative painting (including faux finishing) take on a wholly unique quality by the pairing of fine art skills with technical skills. The above mentioned description of services falls under the term  “Custom Finishing Solutions” as a means to create an awareness of the interconnected nature of various forms of art within the art and design communities and everywhere else.

Shiner Studios uses only the finest quality products with particular attention to which coating and process is necessary and ideal for each project and space requirement. An important element and passion is the awareness and benefit of utilizing zero to low VOC products as much as possible in addition to green practices. Ancient designs and mediums meet modern science with decorative finishes such as:

  • Decorative concrete floors
  • Stenciled concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  • Concrete Overlays and micro-toppings
  • Low VOC wall textures
  • Custom counter tops
  • Venetian plasters
  • Gold and silver leafing

Other coatings are available for decorative flooring options as well as a multitude of other surfaces and architectural details. Thus offering a number of finishing solutions using paints, plasters and some wall coverings. When structural elements are required, we coordinate with trusted professionals capable of the tasks at hand to bring our clients’ and our vision to reality. Thus due to the nature of our work, we often collaborate with designers, architects, contractors and other artisans of multiple disciplines to create the desired aesthetic.

With a focus on artistic innovation, Shiner Studios transforms spaces with thoughtful progressive designs, products and applications that take into careful consideration both client needs and existing interior and exterior architectural elements.